Bali is one

Bali Holidays Offer a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Bali is one

There are holidays, and then there are Bali holidays – and the two are not quite the same. If you book a vacation to the tropical island paradise of Bali – the jewel of Indonesia you will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Bali is one of the most popular Asian destinations with visitors attracted by the warm yet peaceful welcome, the artistic history and culture of the residents and visitors, the fabulous tropical climate, beautiful beaches, world class surfing opportunities, delicious food and more.

Beautiful temples are scattered across the landscape with intricate carvings on each and every door – the deep religious beliefs of the residents feature highly in the landscape and the everyday lives of the native Bali people. Don’t be surprised if you happen upon a colorful ceremony by the side of the road which will undoubtedly bring the traffic to an abrupt halt – it’s all part of normal life on the tropical island paradise of Bali.

It’s hardly surprising that visitors flock to Bali from all over the world. Many are from Australia and Asia although a large proportion also flocks to Bali from Europe and the United States. It seems that no nation is oblivious to the wonderful charms of Bali.

So what can you actually do when you get there?

Well, you can do as much or as little as you fancy. The crystal clear waters and stunning beaches are of course a major attraction where visitors can simply relax or participate in a number of water sports including surfing (the surf is world class on the shores of Bali) or high quality diving and snorkeling experiences.

Not everyone goes to Bali for the beaches however – and even those who love the thrills of water sports should take a little time out to do something different on their trip. The golf courses and facilities are world class, there’s an abundance of chic boutiques where you can pick up unique, authentic clothing for bargain prices. There are also truly luxurious spa facilities where you can be pampered and preened as much or as little as you need, tropical forest which can be explored with a tour guide or alone, tremendous volcanoes which tower over the tropical paradise and of course, the opportunity to sample some of the most delicious, international cuisine in the world.

Bali is renowned for an abundance of the freshest sea food but the fertility of the land also ensures that there are plenty of the freshest fruits and vegetables too. You certainly will not go hungry on your trip to Bali, that’s for sure.

One of the most popular accommodation types is to hire a private villa. There are plenty to choose from which provide a real home from home, many large enough to accommodate numerous families or groups so that you can enjoy an affordable and enjoyable vacation with your friends, family or loved ones.
A trip to Bali surely is a once in a lifetime experience – even though after you’ve been once you won’t be able to wait to go back again and again.

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